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The Genome Editing and Embryology Core (GEEC) Facility was established by Biological Services at King's College London in 2016. The goal of the facility is to provide state-of-the art support for any projects involving genome editing, the creation of transgenic animals and general mouse embryology. This service is available for researchers across the different campuses and external partners.

Since 2017, the GEEC established a CRISPR Core Partnership with Merck.


Prof. Robert Hindges

Academic Director

Dr. Robert Hindges is a Prof. in Developmental Neurobiology. He graduated from the University of Zürich Switzerland, where he also obtained his Doctoral Degree in Molecular Biology.

He subsequently joined the Molecular Neurobiology Laboratory at the Salk Institute in La Jolla, USA, before moving to King’s College London in 2006. He has made fundamental contributions to the field of vertebrate visual system development, in particular the formation of binocular vision, visual maps in the brain and the processing of visual information. Some of his work is now described in basic neuroscience textbooks. Since 2011 he has been working on the generation of animal models through genome-editing approaches, funded through a Wellcome Trust Technology Development Grant. In addition to his position as a Principle Investigator, Robert provides strategic leadership for the GEEC. 

Reah Evans
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Dr. Graham Cocks

Head of facility

Dr. Graham Cocks undertook his PhD at King’s College London in the field of Alzheimer’s disease, and has subsequently performed post-doctoral work focusing on the use of human stem cells in both cellular therapies and models of disease in spinal cord injury, autism and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. His work has involved the extensive use of genome editing techniques to successfully generate knock-outs, introduce point mutations, and knock-in fluorescent tags using CRISPR/Cas9 in human pluripotent stem cells. He teaches on four MSc neuroscience programmes at King’s on subjects relating to pluripotent stem cell biology and the application of genome editing in pre-clinical models of disease.

Since March 2021 became Interim Head of the Genome Editing and Embryology Core facility.

Tolga Oralman

Molecular Technologist

Reah Evans graduated (BSc) from Royal Veterinary College in Bio Veterinary Science in 2013 and joined the GEEC in August 2018 from Public Health England. Here she was working as a Laboratory Technician for the last 2 years where she was responsible for the maintenance of various mammalian cell lines as well performing PCR / RT-PCR for diagnostic purposes and assay development. 

Reah provides lab-based support to the GEEC Facility for the generation of custom animal models by using molecular biology techniques as well as in-vitro manipulation of stem cells to contribute to the development and expansion of the service. 

Senior Embryologist

Tolga is a graduate from the University of Surrey with a degree in BSc Veterinary Biosciences (2015). Upon joining Kings in June 2016, he trained as an Animal Technician. Being recently promoted to senior embryologist he is now overseeing King’s rederivation process (sperm & embryo cryopreservation) and performs all the embryology work for GEEC to generate new mouse lines.

All operations of the GEEC are supported by work from the staff of the Biological Services

Visiting scientists

Anna Pujol - Head of Transgenic Core, Autonomous University of Barcelona (11/2019 - 12/2019)

Vanessa Marensi - Postdoc, University of Liverpool  (06/2019)

Previous members

Stuart Newman - now mouse programme leader at Petmedix (Cambridge, UK)

Dr. Oliver Baker


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